The Letcho of Csallóköz

Letcho was constantly bubbling on the stove in our grandmothers’ kitchen in the summer months. When the vegetables are ready signals the start of the letcho season.  This is no different today. When the tomatoes are ripe and red and we can breath in the freshness of  the peppers cut into rings, we know what we will have for dinner. Well, letcho of course.

And to be sure, so many countries, so many customs, everybody makes letcho in their own way. In Csallóköz they like their letcho juicy. This means that we fry the fat from bacon and put the chopped onions on it. As the saying goes in these parts, it cannot be bad. Then come the best parts, peppers, tomatoes, finally eggs and at last, sausage, according to taste. All this is cooked together and voilà! Of course, a bit of good Csallóköz white bread is needed to accompany the letcho. In the old days letcho was popular, because you could place a princely feast on the table easily in a very short time. It is no wonder that to this day it is considered the indispensable summer dish.

 In the 21st century this summer delicacy can be made in countless ways. You can make a cream soup, it can be strewn with goat cheese, jazzed up with goose liver. It can be made into letcho cream, or it can be put away for the winter.