“The real environmentalist knows, that we did not inherit the world from our parents, but we borrowed it from our children” (John James Audubon) The main purpose of the conference is to draw attention to the environmental concerns faced by our planet, recognition of which is our social obligation. We have to contribute to the preservation of the nature and environment, because it is gift that we...
KUKKONIA TOUR 2019 Title: Kukkonia Tour Organizer: Kukkonia NGO Date and Place: 23rd of June 2019, Dunajská Streda – MOL Aréna Race director: Gábor Inczédi Technical director: Zoltán Csicsay Race Timing Provider: Sport Timing Slovakia s.r.o. Contact: +421 905 442 658, tourdekukkonia [at] Technical details Race description: Tour de Kukkonia – 80 km long road bicycle race, secured route...