Green Kukkonia Conference

“The real environmentalist knows, that we did not inherit the world from our parents, but we borrowed it from our children”
(John James Audubon)

The main purpose of the conference is to draw attention to the environmental concerns faced by our planet, recognition of which is our social obligation. We have to contribute to the preservation of the nature and environment, because it is gift that we have treasure, as one day we ought to hand it over to our children and the future generations. The main topics of discussion our conference shall be: recycling policy, waste sorting and separation, zero waste, permaculture, composting.

The speakers during the conference:

  • The opening speech: JUDr. Oszkár Világi



  • Ing. Kurilla Norbert PhD. (Slovakia)

State Secretary for the environmental ministry.



  • Dr. Marinka Vovk (Slovenia)

Professor of chemistry, leader of the first Reuse Centre in Slovenia.

Theme: Best practices in Obsotelje and Kozjansko region, Slovenia – waste management and first re-use centre in Slovenia



  • Stipe Petrina (Croatia)

Mayor of Primosten.

Theme: Primosten and sustainability – efficient and environment focused governance, energy usage, waste management, and environment-friendly innovations in Dalmatia



  • Branislav Moňok (Priatelia Zeme/Friends of the Earth) and Ing. Iveta Markusová (Palárikovo)

Theme: How to increase the amount and efficiency in recycling



  • Veronika Kovalovská (Slovakia)

Working for IBM.

Theme: Recycling and waste management for corporations


The patron of the event is Ing. Marczell Zoltán the mayor of Malé Dvorníky. The event moderator will be Jung Erika, PhD., MBA., president of the Health and Human Institute.

Date: 6th June 2019 (thursday), 12:30

Place: Dunajská Streda, MOL Arena, VIP ­Silver Lounge