Discover Amazing Kukkonia!

Our big river island is regularly flooded, mainly the areas near the rivers Danube and the Little Danube. The fauna has adapted to the floods occurring every year, mainly the typical trees of floodplains, white and sandbar willows, common alder, as well as white, grey and black poplars. These forests of willows and poplars occur not only along the Danube, but along its branches as well as along the Little Danube. The most common shrubs are European white elm, elder and common dogwood. The undergrowth changes with the season and the local moisture levels. Besides the common reed canary grass, great nettle, blackberry and rye-grass species, marsh-bedstraw, goose grass, marigold, comfrey, mint, summer snowflake and a variety of nettles can be observed too. Discover amazing Kukkónia! Come with us for a short walk on the branch of Danube. It is ideal even for families with children. More information: kukkonia [at]