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Race proposition

Title: Tour of Kukkonia

Organizer: Kukkonia PT (Nonporofit organization) and Dunajská Streda

Date and Place: 24th of June 2018, Dunajská Streda – Arena MOL

Race director: Gábor Inczédi

Technical director: Herdics Zoltán

Timing: SunBell

Contact: +421 905 442 658, kukkoniatour@kukkonia.sk


Technical details

Race description:

  1. Tour de Kukkonia  - 80 km road bicycle race, secured route with road closures, timing with chip technology,  
  2. Kukkonia Easy – 33 km long bicycle race, timing with chip technology
  3. Kukkonia Family – family cycling secured by city police





Terms and Conditions of registration:

 Application is possible from 23th of May 2018 to 21 of June 2018. It´s mandatory – registration fee is not refundable in case of absence.

Registration fee:

Tour de Kukkonia 80 km – 15 Eur  - includes: 1 drink, 1 warm meal, chip technology, starter kit: products of Kukkonia and Minit, fruits, race number counts as lottery ticket. Registration at the site of the event: 20 Eur.

Kukkonia Easy 33 km – 10 Eur  - includes: includes: 1 drink, 1 warm meal, chip technology, starter kit: products of Kukkonia and Minit, fruits, race number counts as lottery ticket. Registration at the site of the event: 15 Eur.

Kukkonia Family  - 5 Eur / person over 15 years,  registration for persons under 15 years is free – includes: 1 drink, 1 warm meal, race number counts as lottery ticket. Registration fee at t he site is the same: 5 Eur / person over 15 years, under 15 is free.


The track of the tour:

GPS Files are available for download on the website: www.kukkonia.sk

Kukkonia Family:  https://www.strava.com/routes/13081627

Kukkonia Easy: https://www.strava.com/routes/13081570

Tour De Kukkonia: https://www.strava.com/routes/12727331


Race Office: Arena MOL


7:30 – 9:00 – registration, takeover of racing numbers

9:15              -- briefing, instructions for racers

9:30             -- START all kategories and routes together  - flyer start after the borders of the city  

13:00           -- Lunch, Announcement of Results/ award ceremony, Lottery


Categories:  TOUR DE KUKKONIA 80 km

A - MEN U23, MEN ELITE + MASTERS A 19 - 39 Years old (1979-1999)

B - MASTERS B 40 - 49 Years old (1969-1978)

C - MASTERS C 50 – 59 Years old (1968-1959)

D - MASTERS D, E, F 60 Years old and older (1958 and under)

F – WOMEN – no Age Categories

J– JUNIORS – to 18 Year old (2000 and more)

+ absolutly fastest racer/ averall – Majors Award, of the City of Dunajská Streda

The fastest racer from Dunajska Streda.


Categories: KUKKONIA EASY 33 km

MEN 19 - 39 Years old (1979-1999)

MEN 40 - 59 Years old (1959-1978)

MEN 60 Years old and more (1958 and under)

WOMEN 19 - 39 Years old (1979-1999)

WOMEN 40- 59 Years old (1959-1978)

WOMEN 60 Years old and more (1958 and under)

JUNIORS – to 18 Years old (2000 and above)

JUNIOR GIRLS – to 18 Years old (2000 and above)


Final provisions, conditions

  • The Tour de Kukkonia race should be completed under the low of SCU (Slovak Cycling Union), other two races according to this proposition. 
  • Wearing helmet is obligatory even during the warm up in the pre race time.
  • All the participants should be in a good health condition, this state of their health and agreement with the conditions of the start is confirmed with their signature on the startlist. Cyclist under Age of 18 get the confirming sign from their legal representative.
  • All participants gives verbal permission and allow the useage and other procession of visual recordings from the event.
  • All participants take full responsibility for their equipment and for the damages their causes.
  • All participants, cyclists, visitors and their company are participating on the event in their own responsibility.
  • All cyclists and their company are taking full resposibility for the damages thez caouse for themself or for others.
  • The organizer is not liable for the damages incurred by racers or their company, or caused by them.
  • For all the participants is obligatory to follow the traffic law and the instructions of the police and the organizers. The road would be onyl partly closed, the crossroads are secured by the police and organizators.
  • Competitors of the race Tour de Kukkonia can use only road bicycles powered by human power without additional, auxiliary engines.
  • It´s absolutely forbidden to throw away waste on all the way long, except the stated places around the bufet – danger of disqualification.
  • The crossroad along the route of Tour the Kukkonia are secured by the police, local assistants – from the crossing of the first racer till the last competitor, but max. 40 minute from the passing first racer.
  • We call on to follow the traffic low and increased caution for competitors with more than 40 minute of drawback.             
  • The organizer reserves the right for changes in this preposition in case of unexpected circumstances.
  • In case of unfavorable weather, the organizer reserves the right to change the date of the competiton.


Escort vehicles on the route of the Tour de Kukkonia:

  • Only the cars from organizers and police are allowed to supervise, follow or ride with the racers
  • In reason of higher safety no escort cars are allowed from the side of racers.
  • Escort cars of the organizers:

- one neutral car with the head group of the race (expected average speed of 36-40 km/h)

- one neutral car with the peloton of the race, second biggest group (expected average speed 30-36 km/h).